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Art is an effort to create, beside the real world,
a more human world.


About Us

Festivals Planet of Art

Festivals Planet of Art – is a breathtaking performances in different cities of United States and Canada. Festivals are grand tournaments for talented kids and theaters from variety of countries, where participants are competing for the love and admiration of audience. The integral composition of classical, folk and pop music, orchestras, ballet, laser and pyrotechnic effects- all of which make the performances vivid and memorable.

Very often courage, and not the talent makes people engage in art.

Julia Cameron

Our Mission

Planet of Art is not only a dazzling show, but it is also a finely organised platform that allows for interactive exchange of different cultures. Our festival brings together the best artistic and musical collectives from many cities and countries from all over the world. Each and every one of them shares their unique national background and traditions through the universal language of art, thereby bringing different nations closer to each other. Symbolically it’s the children that become the ambassadors that represent their home countries positions in cultural respect and peace.

Many of the traditions shown go back centuries, which makes the festival historically enriching as well - mostly it’s the history of music, theater, cartoon and movie productions.
Festival’s repetoire includes the cultural masterpieces, which reflect on the events of both native and world history. The festival shows the many ways culture shapes a PERSON.

Thanks to the festivals’ considerable charity program nobody is left out of the celebrations.

We look forward to seeing you on “Planet Of Art” events

The Festival’s organising committee

The directors of festivals

Svetlana Sokolova is the founder of the festival, president of the American Association of Russian language, Culture and Education (AARCE). AARCE is an unpolitical independent non-commercial organisation, founded in 2006 by Russian teachers and parents-immigrants. Svetlana is a member of the managing committees of non-political and educational organisations owned by the the Russian fellow-countrymen, such as Co-ordination Board of Russian Compatriots in the USA, International Council of Russian Compatriots (ICRC), International Association of Youth Organisations of Russian Compatriots, The Association of Russian Cultural and Education organisations in the UK “Eurolog”. She’s also the organiser of the 1st forum for Russian compatriots in Washington DC and two international scientific-practical conference "Problems of experience, development and preservation of Russian culture and language in America," the founder of the International Theatre Festival.

Elena Suvorova-Philips President of the Joint Russian-American Association (United Russian American Association (URAA), Houston, Texas, USA, www.uraa.us). The partners of the organization are different groups of Texas. During the 8 years URAA holds theater festivals "Carnival", "Neptune Day", "Noyabrevka" annual "Russian Balls", and host evenings to commemorate the 8th of March. URAA is a co-sponsor of the Russian Houston Theatre, Children's Theatre "Joy", a dance studio, "Dawn", the theatrical group "Entreprise" and "Blue Bird", the bard of the choir Houston (BAHH) and the team, "What? Where? When? ", As well as US-Russian center "Room Around the Corner. " Among the URAA initiatives: the organization and carrying out of "My Family" festival (2008), "The Great Russian Word" (2009), "I am proud!" (2010), "Captain Earth" (2010-2011), "Slavyanka" (2012) and a theater festival dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Stanislavski (2013). In 2012, Elena was created Puppet Theatre "Hurray!".

Founder and president / director of the Russian Cultural Centre in Alaska.
Anna Vernaya was born in Magadan. After school, she worked in the newspaper "Komsomolets Magadan" and "Magadan's truth." After graduating from Moscow State University, Faculty of Journalism, she worked 15 years in the Magadan Oblast teleradio comittee senior editor of socio-political broadcast, a leading copyright transmission cycles. More than 1,000 broadcasts totaling nearly 500 hours of broadcast TV viewers saw the Magadan region. She was the author of the project and host of "Two Portraits on the soundtrack: Isabella Uviera and Vadim Kozin", aired in August 1987, according to the program of the Central Television. In collaboration with the director of "Mosfilm" Arkady Cordon participated in work on the film "Damn you, Kolyma," which was launched in Anchorage in 1993, on 7 November. The organizer and first president of the International Women's Club "Soroptimist" in Magadan. From 2001 to 2007 - chairman of the Magadan branch of the "Special Olympics Russia". Member of the Russian Union of Journalists.

Anna Kiryakova President of the Russian-American social center in Florida. Author and organizer of a number of varying projects, competitions and festivals held by the Russian-American community center in the state of Florida from 2010 to 2016. The most famous of them: All-American rally "Marathon of Memory", dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the victory; "International peace and Film Festival"; A Florida-wide children's festival "Space Odyssey", dedicated to the 55th anniversary of flight U.A. Gagarin. Anna - a professional linguist and translator (Russian-English-Spanish), also has a musical education as a pianist. At the festival, Planet of Art in Orlando, she performed in the role of director of the festival.
Direct contacts: russianflorida@yahoo.com, 407-512-6587

ANDRE MORGUNOFF American composer, doctor of music, multi-platinum producer, a graduate of the Moscow Conservatory and Berklee Conservatory in Boston, a member of the American Association of Composers and associations of composers writing for film. A member of the Manhattan producer alliance. Member of the first composition of the "Autograph", Yuri Antonov the producer of hits of the early 80-ies. He is the creator of the group «New Collection» . He acts as a producer and artistic director of the Orlando Festival.
Direct contacts: andre@morgunoff.com (609) 335-1351