About the Project

Children of 5-16 years old and their parents are welcome to attend a 10-day Modeling School. The classes will take place during the upcoming Spring break on July 12-22, 2017 on the Isle of Vieques, Puerto-Rico. Classes will be taught by the renowned couture fashion designer Evgenia Luzhina-Salazar.

The modeling School for adults will be held at the same location on July 23-25.

Participants will be able to work with professional photographers to create their Portfolio and Comp Cards.

What to expect?


Vieques is the second largest island in Puerto-Rico, located just 7 miles off the main island. The main attractions of Vieques include the 3-mile-long golden Sun Bay beach; children-friendly shallow waters of Luna Media Beach; Mosquito Bay, the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world, and the Spanish fort Fortin Conde de Mirasol.
The air temperatures stay around 80°F all the year round.


You will enjoy classes with a professional couture fashion designer!
Kids and their parents will be able to attend a musical festival in the old Spanish fort Fortin Conde de Mirasol, beautiful Caribbean beaches, snorkeling, a trip to the Isle of Culebra, a tour of the historical city San Juan.

  • 2-4 person rooms with a private bathroom.
  • Three meals a day.
  • Entertainment.

Food, lodging and classes for participants - $85/day
Food, lodging for accompanying adults - $65/day

Services by professional photographers: you will be working with the photographer on your Portfolio photos - $100


Modeling School

Everyone will have an opportunity to work with professional photographers.


Posing Class

A model’s success is mostly dependent on your ability to model correctly and the photographer’s skill to select the best photo out of hundreds. Modeling skills result in dedicated work and your overall experience.


Runway Walk Class

Runway technique means a kind of walking specific to the time, the design and the designer’s intend, also correct turns, and the professional pose at the end of the runway.


Make-Up Class

The art of make-up implies altering the shape and color of the face with the help of the decorative cosmetics. Make-up helps conceal small blemishes and accentuate the natural beauty, and, most importantly, bring forward the individuality of a model.


Evgenia is an artist with more than 30 years of professional experience. She has worked in different theatres of Russia and the USA where she created costumes for more than 50 shows. Evgenia created her own show “Passion Runway” which ran in the Russian Embassy in Washington, at an exhibition at a Convention Center in Chicago, in the Sylvan Theatre and Synetic Theatre, Fort Mc Nair Officers Club, and as part of the First Annual Model Competition in Washington, D.C. Evgenia Luzhina-Salazar holds many prestigious awards. She is the Winner of Maryland Fashion Awards, the Helen Hayes Award, and a receiver of the Silver Archer Award. Evgenia has been an indispensable participant of the Couture Fashion Week in New York since 2011.


Designer’s Works

Svetlana Sokolova

433 Gaither St.,
MD, 20877USA

: +1240 372 3343
: artoforlando@gmail.com