Festival Play-Doh Crow



Welcome message to the participants of the festival from the Chairman Judge of the festival composer
Grigory Gladkov


Dear friends! Congrats on participation in the festival «Play-Doh crow Cartoon★Orlando»! I hope your performances will be bright and professional, but remember, my friends, the most important thing is to meet new friends, hear new songs, get new bright experiences. I am sure that for some people this festival will be the start of a professional acting career. We wish you this from the bottom of our heart! I’m happy, that there will be Russian songs, Russian language is in the top 5 languages spoken in the world, it is the language of famous poets and writers-Pushkin, Dostoyevsky, Lermontov, Gogol.

With respect,
Holder of the title Honored Arts Worker of Russia, member of the Union of Composers and Union of Movie Makers of Russia, professor of the Moscow Government institute of Culture, Composer Grigory Gladkov

Dear parents, leaders of the creative teams,
teachers of music and dance in the art-studios and theaters
and Russian-speaking mass media!

Summer is over, but you still have a unique chance to be a part of our Cartoon-festival in the center of sunny Orlando!
We - AARCE - have experience in organizing of a great variety of art activities for kids. This year we decided to organize within the framework of the festival Planet of Art

The Festival «Play-Doh Crow Cartoon★Orlando»

on 21-24 November 2018, Orlando, Florida

4 unforgettable days await you, you will be able dive into a theater Festival, have fun at the best amusement park in the USA, enjoy dance parties and concerts, and also battle other groups for festival prizes!

For participating in the festival teachers and participants will get a special prize and an official certificate, teachers will get an opportunity to place commercials of their group on our website.

MAIN REQUIREMENTS of the festival is that all work and performances have to be related to Cartoon and movie-songs, music, poetry, prose, illustrations for movies and Cartoons

Dear participants!
Applications for participation, please submit
by November, 17 2018

The Judges of the Festival

Work will be judged by these categories


Vocal creativity

Academic, folk, pop vocal, vocal-instrumental group

Animation creativity

Drawing, puppet cartoon movies

Instrumental creativity

Classic, folk, pop ,jazz

Masquerade costumes for rent $25.
Ludi Hettick

phone 703-677-5005


Art creativity

Painting and graphics, photo art, crafts creativity, original genre

Choreographic creativity

Ballet, classic, folk, pop dance (folk style), modern dance, ballroom dances

Theatrical creativity

Declamation, drama, musical, pantomime, fashion theater, puppet theater [small form]

In order to participate in the festival, you have to pass the online audition. You need send a request to register and send a youtube link to the video of your work and performance to our email leonova.irina999@gmail.com with subject «competition «Planet Of Art - Orlando». You can learn all the details about the rules of the competition, judges, categories, grades, etc. on our website-planetofart.us
The competition will take place in the banquet hall of Avanti Palms Resort and Conference Center - in Orlando, next to the parks. to order and pay for the hotel.

We are sure, that this project has a big future, because it is organized by the requests from parents, leaders of theaters and Russian speaking studious in the USA and is made both of actual and distant participation of kids and students from different states of the USA, Canada, Latin American European, which allows all people to have a chance to participate, including those who can’t afford to go to Orlando.

This year the organizing committee plans to accept 100 participants; vocalists, dancers, instrumentalists and organize a review video with the performance of those participants, who can’t come. Also reviews of cartoons, made by kids and students from USA, Russia and Canada. We obtained applications from studios from Texas and Atlanta, that will be bringing performances based of Russian cartoons. Right now we are looking for a host theater space. We received the applications for vocal performances from kids from Toronto, Montréal and Chicago. We accepted 5 kids animation works from Washington.

We want to show you the first animation work that we received – Play dough carton. Enjoy it.
We hope to gain your support and cooperation.

We will be grateful for any contacts of people interested in this project.

Animation films of participants

New Year Story (Wisconsin)


Lords of the olympic rings

Festival Sponsors

Festivlal Organizational Committee