Карибский Международный Фестиваль

«Горячий Песок»

острове Вьекес, Пуэрто-Рико


Дорогие друзья!

Приглашаем на Карибский Международный
Фестиваль «Горячий Песок».
Фестиваль будет проходить
с 1 по 8 февраля 2020 года
на острове Вьекес (Vieques),
Пуэрто-Рико (Puerto Rico)
Оплата участия

Остров Вьекес

второй по величине остров Пуэрто-Рико, находится в 12 километрах восточнее основного острова. Главные достопримечательности Вьекеса - это пять километров кремового пляжа залива Сан-Бей, бухта Медиа-Луна с зарослями миндаля, залив Навио со своими бирюзовыми водами, известный во всем мире залив со «светящимися водами» Москито-Бей или Фосфорисцент-Бей, крепость Конде-де-Мирасоль.
Температура на острове круглый год +26°C; можно отдохнуть от цивилизации и понежиться на одних из лучших пляжей в мире, а их на острове аж около 30! В 2013 году Вьекес вошел в десятку лучших Карибских островов по версии TripAdvisor.

Гости фестиваля:

По предложению участников наших Фестивалей на Вьекесе, в рамках этого Фестиваля, мы предполагаем начать, в содружестве с добровольцами-участниками Фестиваля и местными властями, экологическую программу помощи острову Вьекес - очистку территорий отдалённых пляжей, посадку зелёных насаждений и т. д.

Стоимость путевок на фестиваль

В стоимость путёвки включены:

  • В собственных палатках - $250
  • постельные принадлежности предоставляются,
  • души и туалеты имеются
  • Оплатить стоимость путёвки вы можете
  • В двухместных комнатах - $800 в 5-ти звёздочных виллах
  • расположены практически на берегу океана, с бассейнами, среди тропической зелени, со всеми удобствами, кухнями и холодильниками.
  • Есть несколько комнат для семьи из трёх человек.
  • Оплатить стоимость путёвки вы можете
  • В двух-трёхместных комнатах 3-х звёздочной гостиницы - $450
  • расположены в здании (700 метров от берега океана).
  • Комнаты со всеми удобствами. Две общие кухни с холодильниками (на 10 комнат).
  • Оплатить стоимость путёвки вы можете
Доплатить оставшуюся после депозита сумму в размере $650 -
Приняв решение о поездке на Фестиваль, вы оплачиваете полную стоимость путёвки сразу или вносите депозит в размере $100 и до 15 ноября 2020 года оплачиваете оставшуюся сумму. При отказе, по любым причинам, от приобретения путёвки вы теряете право на возврат депозита.

Location of our guesthouse: https://bit.ly/393ZFVY
How far away is the nearest beach?
Nearest beach is within the walking distance, only 5 minutes away on foot. It is quite narrow, and the reefs are very close to the shoreline. Having proper footwear (sandals/fins) is recommended both in and out of water. Shoreline rocks are dissolved by water, which made their surface unpleasantly sharp. Underwater, coral reefs and rocks are a natural habitat for sea urchins. Contact with them is undesirable.

Is car rental necessary? Where can I rent a car, and what are the rates?
Having a car to get around the island is strongly recommended, as car is the best way do deal with distances of several miles. Without a car, your experience would be severely limited. Avis Rent-A-Car is the closest car rental service, only 1000 feet away.
Rentals can be scheduled online at https://www.avis.com or via phone: +1 787-397-2533. Note that reservations should be made in a few weeks advance, as sold-outs are possible.
A full list of car rental companies (and their location on the island) can be checked out here:
Prices start from 85$/day, gas station is located right across the street.
Taxi services are also available, check out the link:

Where is the nearest grocery store?
Superdescuentos Morales Market, 1200 feet away.
The hours are 7:30 to 19:00 Monday thru Saturday, and 08:00 to 12:00 on Sunday.
Besides food, you can purchase plastic dinnerware for picnics, snorkeling equipment and fishing rods. Plus, there is a specialized diving shop in town center. https://bit.ly/2QdsmXU Another place to buy food is a local grocery market that operates 2 times a week (on Tuesdays and Fridays), selling fresh vegetables. Also, there is a food court located nearby, plus a few restaurants – all within a walking distance. We have 2 kitchens and 3 large refrigerators, you can add a small personal refrigerator to your room for a fee of 10$/day. Kitchen is self-served. Fish market near city center has fresh local fish and lobsters to offer. We provide grill and any necessary equipment to cook it. Coal grill is free (coal can be purchased in the nearby mart), and gas grill is 10$/day.

How many beaches are on the island? Is there anything special about them?
All info and locations here: https://vieques.com/island-puerto-rico-beaches/
Also here: http://viequestravel.com/beaches.html
Vieques numbers about two dozen beaches – and every single one has something special about it. Here are a few notable ones:
Black Sand Beach: https://vieques.com/playa-negra-black-sand-beach-puerto-rico/
Bioluminescent Bay: https://vieques.com/island-bioluminescent-bay/
The brightest bioluminescent bay in the world, best experienced
during new moon phase.
Media Luna Beach: https://vieques.com/island-puerto-rico-beaches-media-luna-beach/
Shallow waters, few or no visitors and its crescent shape make this beach perfect for families with small children.
La Chiva Beach:
https://vieques.com/la-chiva-beach-puerto-rico/ A great all-round beach where anyone will find what they are looking for – whether it is coral reefs, or kids-friendly shallow waters, or beautiful scenery.
Sun Bay Beach https://vieques.com/sun-bay-beach/ The only “civilized” beach of Vieques – food kiosks and restaurants, restrooms, camping, security and lifeguard. Punta Arenas/Green Beach: https://vieques.com/island-puerto-rico-beaches-green/ Best spot for snorkeling – coral reefs, a sanctuary for marine life, are closer to the shoreline here than anywhere else on the island, located some 100 feet away.

How crowded are the beaches?

Generally, there are very few visitors on most of the beaches. During weekdays, it is highly likely that you will encounter no visitors on some beaches at all.

How can I get to the island from mainland Puerto Rico?
Basically, there are two ways to get to Vieques: taxi + ferry OR plane. Taxi cabs are strongly recommended for those who travel with friends, family, or somebody else, as taxi drivers charge you per vehicle, not per passenger (From San Juan to Ceiba, the rates start from 100$ plus tip).
Road from San Juan to Ceiba ferry takes about an hour, ferry will take up another hour or so.
All information on Vieques ferry can be found here:
https://vieques.com/vieques-ferry/ Tickets can be purchased either digitally (6$ plus tax, you will receive a QR-code via e-mail which will be your ticket), or on-site for 2$.
There are many taxi companies operating in San Juan Airport, here are a few of them:
San Juan Taxis: +1 407-729-4083
Taxi Services Puerto Rico: +1 787-382-6220
CityCab Puerto Rico: +1 787-633-3327
Wilbert Taxi Service: +1 787-479-9767
Most of the companies operate on a 24/7 basis and are reachable by e-mail as well. You can pay directly to taxi driver either with cash or card.
If you travel alone, plane is the best option – for the roughly the same price (round trips start takes only 20 minutes.
Here are a few companies that operate flights to and from Vieques:
Once you arrive in Vieques via air, you can either order a taxi cab (https://bit.ly/2SYcKdF), or utilize services of our driver who will arrive in a pickup that can seat 5 passengers for a flat fee of 25$, any time of the day.

What should I bring?
Snorkeling equipment. Mask, snorkel, and fin can be purchased for as low as 25$ (https://amzn.to/2QQddvH). Without these essentials, you will miss all the beauty of Vieques’ underwater world. We also recommend purchasing scuba diving gloves for safe interaction with underwater objects. Proper footwear. That means comfortable, waterproof sandals that are also not likely to slip. Sunscreen, long sleeve clothing, hats, and sunglasses are strongly recommended for obvious reasons. In case I didn’t bring anything with me, what can I rent? Snorkeling equipment rental (Mask, snorkel and fins) is 12$ per day, and the arrangement has to be done prior to arrival. Umbrella rentals are 5$/day 3-person tents are 10$/day Extra towel is 2$/day. Also, you can always use the washing machines we have. Replacing a missing room key will be 10$. In case of any emergency, there is a hospital on the island, located a mile away - https://bit.ly/2N2IISi If you have any allergic reaction to insects (primarily, ants and mosquitoes), we recommend bringing any necessary medication.
There is a CVS pharmacy in the city center, next to the city hall.
Eating and smoking in rooms is prohibited. You have to clean up after yourself because food attracts ants, which will be all over your leftovers it in a few hours. Also, please do not forget to close any doors, so small lizards, which lurk all around the island, will not get inside.
Bedsheets are changed every three days, or you can use a washing machine to clean them whenever necessary.
Check-in is from 15:00, check-out has to be done no later than 12:00. We do not take any responsibility for any lost or stolen items, so we recommend not bringing any expensive items such as jewelry. In any case, you can rent a small safe at Vieques’s post office. For safety purposes, we take a copy of your government-issued ID’s.
How often the bedsheets/towels are changed?

You can check out most of the restaurants via Google maps:
Most of the restaurants and cafes are concentrated in two points on the island: downtown Vieques and Esperanza shoreline (Flamboyan street).
Located within walking distance are the following places:
Cotorrito’s Cafe:
Rincón Del Café:
Aurora’s Chicken & Grill:

Biobay Tours:
Kayak, Jet Skis, Scooters and other sea equipment rental:
Horseback Riding:
Sugar Plantation Ruins:
Last Spanish Fort Built in the Americas:


Размещение в комнатах и общие вопросы -

vpavlenko@gmail.com и/или тел. 240 372 3343 (Светлана).

Концертная программа и общие вопросы -

petun7@gmail.com и/или тел. 914 582 9327 (Пётр).